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Originally Posted by coctostan View Post
It is inaccurate to say that PFC has inferior tech. In fact they easily go head to head with AP in NASCAR, ALMS and Grandam. In fact they have won a few championships in Grandam and NASCAR. They do have far fewer applications for sure and I'm not knocking AP in any way. PFC doesn't spend much to market their calipers because they don't have any consumer offerings although that is changing somewhat.

The advantage to PFC is that their consumer grade stuff is much closer to their race stuff than most others (not many other consumer kits use monoblocks). Of the AP and Brembo kits I've seen for street cars and weekend racers few have anything in common with their race tech. It is still good quality and I would run them for sure.

AP does have a corner on the esoteric market of F1 and LMP but we could be waiting decades for that to trickle down.

Nice thread though and awesome pics. How fun it would be to squeeze the binders on these works of art.
Coctostain, I appreciate your insight but as I had stated it was simply what I had read with regards to PF's caliper designs trailing behind the others. Right or wrong, I'm not sure.

They definitely have their foothold in Nascar, Grandam, Formula Nippon, and others and have won their share of prestigious championships as well from what I have seen/read. Take note that I am far from a brake expert so I am merely regurgitating a lot of what I read online. I am just an AP whore at heart.

Akebono appears to be coming up the ranks as well having their braking systems utilized on the Mclaren MP4-12C GT3 and Lexus LF-A race cars.

Also, I did consider PF's no nonsense Z33 setup for my BMW before 'settling' on a bespoke AP setup. Since I err more towards the aesthetics side (without giving up quality and engineering of course), I opted for a 'prettier' looking caliper and disc combo.