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Originally Posted by Terraforce1 View Post
Wow, AP has a great racing pedigree. Awesome pics, great brakes
AP Racing (formerly Lockheed Hydraulic Brake Co.) has roots dating back to 1919. Brembo wasn't established until 1961, 42 years later.

Originally Posted by dogbone View Post
Wow! That's an incredible collection of photos. I was drooling the whole time, and I have AP on my M3!! They are incredible on the track. The pedal feel never changes, no matter how much you pound on them.

If you don't mind, here's my addition of my humble car. My calipers are a one-off gloss black/yellow paint job from the factory.
I'm a big fan of the yellow text over black, an AP signature combo. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you were able to pull some strings to have them done one-off at the factory. Extra kudos for putting them to proper use on the race track.

Originally Posted by Novator View Post
My AP Racing BBK
Beautiful, thanks for sharing your 4-wheel Formula setup as well.

Originally Posted by SoCali E90 View Post
You should have labelled this NSFW. Because in this thread you will fap lol.
Fap away fellas, it's healthy to keep those little squiggly ones with flagella moving along in the male reproductive system. No backing up here mates!

Originally Posted by DrivenByE30 View Post
WOW !!! THIS IS the single most informative thread i have read a long time since being here!!!

Thank you OP for posting it, and thank you Jason for featuring it on the first page !! Totally deserve!!

I wonder if you are not the single english marketing Engineer from AP
whether or not, you did a very good job at advertising and showcasing the history and pedigree of the company!!

I am sold and am convince now... I thought Brembo was the best but no more!

Looking forward to seeing more AP products on cars

OP: you wrote Bugatti Beyron

here below is a compilation of my LOL favorite posts reading this thread:

Is it weird that i agree?

I am all Gay about it now !! in the proper sense of the term.

Same here!

Totally, This thread is a game changer for me, i am learning something new !!
something i never new before (in relations to car)
Go AP!

The only thing left to do is smoke one
It would be nice if AP hired me as a branding/marketing associate but alas, I am just your typical car guy who has a penchant for AP brakes. So no, I do not work for AP Racing but that would be my dream job that's for sure. Maybe in my next life

Originally Posted by v1p3r View Post
Can someone explain to me why some discs have grooves that look like small fish-hooks? Instead of the normal grooves
The fish hooks you see are better known as AP's proprietary J-hook design. They claim several benefits as you see below. Each company (Alcon, AP, Brembo, Performance Friction) have their own proprietary grooving designs and floating systems.

Originally Posted by Bimmerlover76 View Post
And here I thought the Associated Press had a racing team! Silly me.

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