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Originally Posted by m3alabama View Post
Problem is if you get the oil cooler and your engine runs cooler and you then push it even harder and maybe spend more time in 2nd than 3rd or whatever, then you are putting more strain on the tranny that otherwise would have been prevented by you being limited by engine oil temps. I think it provides a false sense of security for the other car parts since thinking engine oil is good-well all the other parts are now more stressed if you push it harder than usual.

I think there is a reason they put a certain size of cooler etc to run with all the other stock system. You cant have huge capacity in one component of the car without equal capacity in the others (tranny etc)

yes but again you're talking in extremes. We're not talking about running cold oil. Picture the oil operating over a spectrum of temps. The oil cooler is only slightly lowering that ## and in situations like road racing, then absolutely is it beneficial. On the street, not so much but it def won't hurt the car. I run in 100 deg temps all year w/ no issues but have been looking at getting a mocal cooler to run up front in place of the OE