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Originally Posted by ward View Post
I've actually been on a racetrack, have you?

I've done a ton of auto-X too, have you?

I know the difference between a car that handles well, and a car that handles averagely. Adding HP does not make your car handle any better.

I would say based on your worship of HP over a balanced chassis I could leave you in the dust on any racetrack around in my 325 much less the Z4, spend some time on a track and you'll learn it's not about HP, it's about knowing how to drive.

I don't need to drive a proceeded 335, because HP doesn't help average handling.

WTF would you have a 335 and a 328 anyways, they're the same damn car at least my 2 cars aren't the same thing are they even both yours?
Yes I've been to the track before, No I'm not a track junkie to the point I'll base my entire car buying decision for a daily driver soley on that aspect.I nor anyone else said anything about HP making any car handle better.The mere fact that you said your 325 is faster on any track then a 335 says alot about your knowlegde especially since you just got through saying the 3 series isn't a track car so let me get this straight you car with smaller brakes /tires and much less hp is faster then the 335 around a track? OK maybe I should rethink my purchase and the same thing goes for your Z4 it may be lighter in weight but that doesn't mean it can handle far better it might be more nimble in really tight turns but that doesn't mean the world.Ever seen the Bestmotoring video where the 4100lb M5 beat a M3CSL,Gallardo,997 S on the track? So don't talk BS about something you don't have or know nothing about thank you.And yes I bought two E92's 1 for a family member (328i) 2 weeks before I got the 335i because I decided I loved it. I previoulsy had a 04' CL55 AMG/06' S4 25th/04' M3 SMG/and a 05' 545i which I've posted pics before not that it's your business or even matters.Now it's just these 2 E92's and a RR Sport Supercharged cause I drive waaaaay too much for any of those cars the 3 is my toy and I love it.Have fun with your "Track star" 325i