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Originally Posted by leo95se View Post
Speaking of shocks, since the stock setup was clearly tuned for its specific intent, won't heavier springs and a lower ride damage them or create premature wear? Another consideration are the spring rates and potential bounciness from the stiffer spring. Will all 3 edc levels still be useable?

And finally, do you guys offer a camber kit for the stock edc setup? If I decide not to order, (I expect to do something by tomorrow) for fear of warranty issues with only 22k on the car, do you have a camber kit instead?

Thank you!
Originally Posted by C|3R1C View Post
I'm curious to the answer for the guy above me too
Yes, there is opportunity for damage to the dampers. This is why we recommend no more than a 0.75" drop in the front and 1.0" drop in the rear. Yes, this will wear the shocks more than if you left it at stock ride height. TC tested different spring rates for this set-up and the most that the EDC can handle is 400# in the front and 600# in the rear. TC always left it in the softest setting of the EDC when he was testing, so it is compatible for all 3 settings.

If you get the opportunity, check out our article in Bimmer Magazine to learn more. -->

To our knowledge, no one offers a camber plate that is compatible with the EDC shocks.

TC tested our EDC kit on his E90 M3 that he used as a daily driver around Santa Barbara, CA.