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Originally Posted by C|3R1C
Originally Posted by Nicname
So I got my personal tuner yesterday and got around to installing it today

First off, throttle response... I own a DCT and man, driving and shifting in 1st to 2nd to 3rd or vice versa is as smooth as butter even with my M button maxed out. It's actually going to take some time getting used to how responsive/smooth everything is now.
Second, the car definitely has extra pull at the 2.5k-4k mark. I felt this mostly on way back home after the car had a few dozen miles on it.
Thirdly, the customer service. Omar answered every single question with patience before I placed the order. I called them up with a question at 8:30pm right before they were closing and they treated me with care and helped me get everything up and running.
Lastly, Velos is doing a great deed to charity in their efforts to help those with diabetes.
I took a chance with Velos by looking at a few reviews but after reading all the praise for Omar and Velos, I'm glad I took the plunge

PS: If any of the Velos guys see this, PLEASE send me a vinyl/decal for my car!!!!
Gratz on the tune man!
Omar and Team Velos are awesome and do not fall short of spectacular! Enjoy your new found power and welcome to the family
Thanks! This little boost definitely makes me crave a new x pipe even more
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