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I am glad there are many motorsport fans and people who can appreciate fine engineering and art.

Originally Posted by a burrito View Post
Incredible collection of photos.. I didn't know AP Racing was on so many racing applications.. The Real Question is, what racing application doesn't us AP Racing?
The 'Big 3' are Alcon, AP Racing, and Brembo without a doubt as they are all involved in every facet of motorsports. Performance Friction is a key player as well but they don't have nearly as much product applications as the former three. Also from what I have read their caliper tech still trails behind the others although their discs are highly regarded, oftentimes used in place of the others.

I'm quite positive they are involved in every level of professional motorsports including Nascar, grand am, etc.
Here is a shot of a Nascar Sprint Cup setup.

Originally Posted by aus View Post
Nice pics.

Could someone explain what all that gear is around those F1 brakes???

Maybe someone with F1 braking knowledge can chime in what all the components do for braking. Here's a couple other shots in higher-res of the system.

Originally Posted by thorny View Post
If only I could afford a set for my M... Just wow
Their Formula 'street' kits are something you can consider. They cost around the same as a Brembo GT kit if I recall correctly.

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