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Originally Posted by m3alabama
This seems like a fail. Why would you spend that kind of money and hassle on a valved exhaust in which with the valves closed it drones and is boomy? So valves open is nice and has some drone. Valves closed is boomy with drone. Sounds to me there is absolutely zero reason to drive with valves closed on this thing, and hence why have valves at all?

All that R and D and this is the best closed valve sound they could come up with?

People really need to simply keep a stock rear and add HFC/catless xpipe. That truly is the ONLY exhaust to be louder when accelerating but sound stock with zero drone when cruising with no boomy/bassy sound anytime.
You always come off angry and a bit like a know-it-all. Lighten up. OP is proud of his new purchase, and rightly so. Also love the implication that Evolve, who is highly respected here and across the pond, would put out "crap."
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