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Originally Posted by m3alabama View Post
Can anyone say why they know these engines cannot do just as well at 210 degrees for extended periods as it does with lower temps? If all fluids are changed regularly, proper warm up/cool down done-I don't see an issue with a modern engine designed to rev to 8400 rpms be able to function regularly, all day at 210 and above as long as its within the normal range. The computer will shut it down if it senses it overly hot and I have never heard limp mode existing on this car.

I know subjectively its nice to see the engine running cooler-but is there any objective data saying a hotter engine that is engineered to this degree is any worse off running those temps?
the car is fine running at temps; the oil is designed to operate between a varying scale of temp.. It'll work fine the way it is, but why not run it at the lower end of the spectrum. Makes sense?? It's really just personal perogative and prob overkill but to each their own. you like some things that some others don't.. don't look to far into it