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Originally Posted by meyergru View Post
Great DIY, apart from one point: BMW instructions tell to change the oil filter first after warming up the car.

Simply put: Don't! The oil filter housing will be full of oil that spills over the motor if you do not drain the oil from underneath before. Maybe everyone knows this already - I didn't. Also, in my car the was a kind of "plastic sleeve" over the oil filter housing, but that could just be pulled off.

With 8.6 liters the bar read 1/3rd over minimum, so I poured in a full 9 liters even without cleaning out the 0,2l rest in the filter housing. However, I gave it half an hour to completely stop dripping.
All you have to do is wrap a rag all the way around the housing before you open it up. That will catch any oil that spills out.

I have also seen numerous posts indicating the torque for the filter cover to be 25 Nm. However, I printed out the procedure and torque specs from TIS and it states 40 Nm for the filter cover. My car is a very late 2011 so perhaps the filter housing cover was changed.

Lastly, I vacuumed out the oil in the filter housing with a 100 cc plastic syringe ( I then measured all of the oil that I had drained and came up with right around 8.8 liters. Prior to the change the oil level indicator read at 1/8 below max. After the change, it's reading 1/4 above min (this is after ~120 miles of driving since the oil change). I recall that after my prior oil change, the indicator read low but after a week or so, popped up to 1/8 below max. But I also recall that 9 liters had been poured in. I really hate this electronic dip stick! I'll give it till next week to see where it ends up.