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Originally Posted by Jonmartin View Post
Don't you drive a 325i what do you know about performance? Oh wait you also have a Z4? (isn't that a hair dresser car) Well even if it is it's not a Z4 M so why talk shit? And as far as the 335i not being a "sports" car well it beat a Z4 M on a track and other more expensive "Sport" cars or at least hung with them in just stock form so why cry like a girl and get all ass hurt cause you don't have one? You keep crying about a warranty but most companies won't back a tracked car on warranty anyway so why bring that up? Not only that but having a Proceed Doesn't void your warranty no matter what anyone says and it's not dangerous unless installed wrong, I know cause I have more miles then anyone on here with a Procede probably even more then Shiv and never had any problems I go to the dealer with all my mods and I leave with no problems no one brings it up no one says anything except nice fucking car.So quit crying you just sound like your on your period.

The funny part is anyone that talks shit about the 335 especially Proceed equiped cars never drove one so why are you opening your mouth?Do you have any real judgement to back any shit talking up except that your homo for Porsche shields? Other then some of you who know your Porsches are capabable of great things you don't know what a 335 is capable unless you own one so just stfu.No one here walks around claiming Porsches are shitty cars based on looking at it so why come here and talk shit.

I've actually been on a racetrack, have you?

I've done a ton of auto-X too, have you?

I know the difference between a car that handles well, and a car that handles averagely. Adding HP does not make your car handle any better.

I would say based on your worship of HP over a balanced chassis I could leave you in the dust on any racetrack around in my 325 much less the Z4, spend some time on a track and you'll learn it's not about HP, it's about knowing how to drive.

I don't need to drive a proceeded 335, because HP doesn't help average handling.

WTF would you have a 335 and a 328 anyways, they're the same damn car at least my 2 cars aren't the same thing are they even both yours?