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Coding Review - Tom @ EAS

Preface: I'm not associated with any vendors nor do I receive any benefit for posting a review. However I had such a great experience I figured I'd share it with you guys in case you were looking into coding. It's an inexpensive and very personalized mod that I think you all would enjoy! Also, I'm not very technical but am a fellow enthusiast/driver that is passionate about cars.

Over the past few months I have been modding, modding and more modding, and finally when thought I had completed my car I was wrong (less the SC which may happen sooner than later ) As personalized as my car seemed it still felt like something was missing. Then I heard about "coding". After doing some research I realized how much more I could do to my car to "personalize" it without having to spend a ton of $$$$$$ like I did on other mods. Since I've gotten to know Tom @ EAS I decided to approach him about helping me with this. After setting up an appointment, I showed up to his shop and he showed me a list of all of the things he could do to the car.. there were so many my jaw dropped! Once I picked the things I wanted him to do he got started. As I sat there talking Tom's ear off, he worked away with his computer hooked up to my car and made a bunch of minor changes that I feel made a big difference. Here is a list of what he did, which however does not limit what he is capable of doing:

My car: 2008 e92 M3 DCT

- Remove seat belt chime - Annoying, removed!
- Close Windows with Comfort Access & FOB (CA) - I love this! Not only can I roll my windows down with my key, now I can roll them back up! Its a simple mod that makes things that much more convenient
- Fold Mirrors with Comfort Access & FOB (CA) - That's right, not only do my windows roll up with the key, but my side mirrors also fold in. Awesome!
- Disable Window Safety Feature - No longer do I have to hold down the window up button if I open my door, it just keeps going up.
- Disable iDrive Disclaimer - You know that disclaimer that shows up on the NAV every time you start your car and you have to hit "accept"? Yeah it was annoying.. gone!
- Fuel Reserve Warning (1/8 tank) - My fuel reserve warning used to go off at 1/4 tank and now it goes off at 1/8 tank. Its nice not to have that warning come up when I have so much gas left.
- Remove Speed Correction Factor - From what I understand the M3's spedometer (digital and gauge) are built in with a speed correction factor. Mine was off by 4-5 MPH at high speeds. Now its accurate with how fast I'm going.
- Amber Corner Delete - The little orange lights in the corner of the headlights no longer turn on. Since my car is AW/Black combo with angel eyes and bright whites all around (turn signals, kidneys, etc) these two little lights were throwing off the look of the car. Removed!
- Windshield Wiper Return - No matter where the windshield wipers are in their cycle when I turn the car off they now return to their down position
- Remove front indicator lights - My front indicator lights are no longer on when my lights are on. They only turn on when I use my blinker. IMO it gives the car a cleaner look at night.
- Level 2 M-Dynamic Mode (Euro) - Apparently this code makes the car slightly less forgiving in M-Dynamic Mode. Instead of the car preventing acceleration all of the time, it cuts down on how often it kicks in.
- EU DCT Conversion - I'm finding that the car shifts slightly quicker than it used to.

I'm really enjoying the finishing touches via the coding and finding that the car is a bit more convenient in certain aspects as I described above. There are 50 more things you can have coded on your car that I chose not to, or just couldn't because my car is an 08 versus an 09 and later. I hope this review gives you some insight into some of the things available in the world of coding. Thanks Tom and EAS!

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