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Originally Posted by Rintoul View Post
hey everyone this is my first post. i am in the market for a M3 (E46) i know they made them for 6 or 7 years and i am wondering what year was the best and the differences between those years and any tips or suggestions. i am looking for either a blue, black, or red M3 it has to be the coupe and has to be manual. i dont know if there is a similar post if so just send me the link thanks in advance and its a pleasure joining the group. thanks
There are about 40 or so models (2003-2006) like that on Check out under "Certified pre-owned" also.
To get what you want, you're probably going to have to buy it out of your area. On the websites I mentioned, I suggest you conduct your search nation-wide. Obviously, you have to be very careful, not only because you'll have limited knowledge of the car, but, particularly, because it's an M3 and M3 owners like to get on the car. Before contacting the owner I would check the CARFAX. I've eliminated cars I was interested in just on the basis of what the CARFAX said.
In addition to the M3, you might want to consider an e46 with the "performance package." Although a step below in performance and wow factors, these are a neat alternative to the M3 and with owners less likely to have put hard miles on them.

Good luck on your adventure.