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Question on Exhaust Upgrade and Break-in Period

First off hello! I used to be a lurker here about 4 years ago when I had my 335i. I since traded it for and '07 911 Turbo. Now that the family situation has changed and the need something better to suit having a child, I am trading in the P-car and ordered a 2013 M3 for a more family-friendly weekend warrior. Still kind of on the fence on whether I'll fully follow through, so any personal experiences on this type of change is appreciated.

All that said...the minute I get my car it's gotta go in for an exhaust upgrade. I've seen both akrapovic and eisenmann race models on youtube that seem pretty good, but in everyone's opinion, whats the loudest exhaust with the deepest growl possible....budget no issue.

Also, could I put a new exhaust on right away, or must I wait for the break-in period to be over?