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Originally Posted by Yoyoman View Post
Mine does the same thing. 2009 E92 bought new, started noticing it after couple months of ownership. 3 years later w 60000km w/o any issues, have learned to live with it by adjusting the timing when I press the clutch when the car slows down. I know you all said its normal for this MT, but does anyone know where the sound is coming from, clutch, diff....? and how the sound is created?

Originally Posted by talontid View Post
TOB rattle

yes, re-read thread... Completely normal noise.. Even the manual states that this M car will make all sorts of whirs and clunks typical with a car of this caliber. Anyone who drives a stick shift should know what a little TOB rattle is. Is it louder in some than others, yes. People are just too pre-disposed to think that a BMW shouldn't make any noises at all.