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Originally Posted by ward View Post
for the price of what you're doing to your car you could just buy a porsche and you'd have a warranty left
I don't think so. Even after those mods, you're still well below the mark up for a new 2006 E46 M3 w/ competition package fully loaded and you out perform it. Your no where near the ball park of a 911 or even a Cayman S price wise. Believe I did the analysis, because at some point modding vs buying a different car is a waste. And for what its worth, the 335 is quite competent on the track (assuming you can drive).

I will agree with you to some degree in that there are a lot of options out there. There are cars that are faster and cheaper (definitely cheaper to mod), there are cars that are more expensive and faster, and there are cars that are more expensive and slower. People buy the car that makes them happy. And despite my suggested mods, nothing voids the warranty unless it can be proven that it caused the failure. As a matter of fact I have the dealership do all my mods. The reason is that the work is warranted (excluding the part) for 12 months 12,000 miles. Their familiar with the vehicle and are accustomed to servicing it under warranty.
As far as your comment on temps, some people have exprienced limp mode, but I am not one of them (even during track days).

Sorry for the rant. Threads like this are all in good fun, nothing to get upset over... People just need to enjoy the vehicle they have no matter what it is.