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Originally Posted by dagolfpro View Post
Thanks. I sent dirtywerks a PM. Also, just emailed you a pic of the dot matrix.
Good Luck, hope you get it!

Originally Posted by BV335 View Post
Can't wait to see this. LB is puurrrrdy
Thank you sir! I struggled mightily between LB and IB. I was *this* close to switching back to IB midway through the build. I still love both colors.

Originally Posted by Robmaster View Post
no problem. but i must say the DD diffusor looks really good....

funny thing what DD wrote on her blog about the diffusor:

"The M3 diffuser has two fins that extend from the rear bumper to smooth and channel airflow from under the car into the low pressure area behind your vehicle as it moves at higher speeds. In concert with our aerodynamic components, our diffuser results in more stability and higher speeds and cooling effect to the rear differential."

this diffusor is for nothing, just for look.
I think most people know that most diffusers on the market are purely cosmetic. Who are they trying to fool?

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Off to a great start!