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Originally Posted by andv1 View Post
Would this also include a second tune that had the more sensitive throttle mapping a la the "Sprint" product?

Is the software the latest 231EE or 24x version that's been mentioned elsewhere on the boards as the absolute latest?

For those folks not yet on 231EE, c/would a separate tune/stock file be available with just the STOCK software, along with a TUNED version of 231EE? If say one wanted to compare the latest stock software and tuned software?

And lastly, more for curiosity's sake rather than being a deal breaker - could this cable also be used for coding (i.e. windows up/down with key fob) given one had the appropriate coding software?
We removed the option of instant throttle as it wasn't that popular. You can request a more sensitive throttle map at the time of ordering and it can be incorporated into your tune.

231E is the latest that we have seen so far.

We would not supply separate tunes on separate firmware versions as part of the price. If you wanted to do this then we would have to price this up as it is double the work.

It does not offer coding at this time.