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Originally Posted by ward View Post
you procede fanboys are a joke, playing like the E9X is a value on any level is just plain incorrect

it doesn't matter how much HP you put in the E9X
it will never handle like a real sports car because it's portly

if you want a fast straight line car there are others that will be cheaper, faster and not go into "limp mode" because it's 90 degrees outside

straight line speed is nice, but without proper handling it's worthless

I'm sure you fans will argue that you can just spend a couple grand on springs, wheels, sways, and shocks but after doing all that suspension work and software tuning you have basically ZERO warranty left on your 50K car that's not exactly had a great rep for reliability so far.

Take your mod money, and just buy the car you want

if you want a faster car than the 335, buy one
if you want a better handling car than the 335 buy one

if you want a good compromise that's above average, but not excellent at anything then the 335 is a good purchase

maybe you all only care about drag racing or straight line speed
Personally, I think the 335i handles quite well in stock form; maybe not as well as say a Porsche 911 CS or Turbo or an M3 or a 'Vette, but better than most. Compared to the car I came from driving (an '04 Infiniti G35), the 335i runs circles around it. In addition, 0.89g-0.91g on the skidpad for the 335i isn't too shabby, and lets not forget the recent pro races where the 335i has already placed ahead of many other supposedly better handling sports cars. btw -- Straight-line speed is talked about more only b/c most ppl don't track their cars or street race ppl around lots of curves...nobody here claims to be Mario Andretti.

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