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Originally Posted by Imran@Evolve View Post
Nothing that would cause an issue.

Here is a quote from one our customers that takes his e92 M3 around the Ring.

"Hi Salman,

as you had so much effort with me and my tunes I really want to say thank you and provide feedback.
a) This tune really pulls hard. Even my butt-dyno can feel it.
b) It kills all torque drops with the Akrapovic
c) Had this tune loaded on my e92 during last weekend on the Nordschleife.
Did nearly 70 laps over the days and had 0.0 issues with it!

Mostly I drove the car with 102 Oktane Aral SuperPlus "Uktimate 102"
but also had to fill it up with "normal" Super Plus 98 (US 93 Octane equivalent) which worked absolutely fine, too."

He posts infrequently on here. I'll see if I can get him to chime in.

Picture of the car.

Here he is doing a hot lap.

Thanks but racing around the ring in Germany with race gas or 93 octane is very different and cannot be compared to tracking in California.

For example it was 110F degrees this past weekend at Autoclub speedway. 113F at Chuckwalla. You get my point. Lukester and other ring goers don't have to worry about heat like we do here.

Also we use US 91 octane.