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Originally Posted by lilsheep_turbo View Post
hiya bud

ive not owned an akra but ive been in a car with the evo set up and the slip on.. my brother owned an m3 for a year and a half before moving on to the m5. im not saying the akra sounds bad at all. its has a unique noise that only titanium can only make.
i think some cars suit the noise and some dont and imho i dont think this car does. it suits a deep bellow which by design, titanium cant make. my 350z suited the titanium noise and so does my cousins s2k.
dont get me wrong like i said.. the design, welds and cuts are amazing on akra exhausts. They are one of the best exhaust companies out there and their reputation is second to none essentially..
i just prefer the evolve exhaust and i like the fact i can choose to have it quiet (not that its been on closed setting much)

each to their own and if you have the akra or any other exhaust then good on you.
Cool mate, I have an akra but I'm not saying either is better! Like you say each to their own glad you like the new exhaust, it's a belter