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Originally Posted by Nicname View Post
K I got a tune guys. It comes in today and hopefully I'll get it all set up. My only question is, is the removal of cold start really that noticeable? I know about don't mod if you don't want to void but I'm just asking.
I have no need for rev increase or speed limiter increase. I just want the extra hp and torque and the idea of no drone at start up is nice

It is noticeable but nothing that I have ever seen a tech at a dealer make a big deal about, but then again you never know.

Remember with the personal tuner you can always go back to stock before bringing your car into the dealer

Thanks for the support
This is true! I just read that when you change the rpm and speed limiter it leaves traces (my tech lingo isn't great) in the codes. I'll figure it out! Thanks guys for all the feedback!
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