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The truly sad part about all of this is the title caption where the OP paints all Canadians with the image of the seal hunters. This, sadly, perpetuates a stereotype of my American friends that includes a lack of critical thinking and pathological ethnocentricity. Neither characterization is deserved on the whole in my experience.

This might have been a valuable thread if the initial post had been :
"... I see a few impoverished fishermen in a relatively remote area of Canada have successfully lobbied their regional and federal governments to allow a seal harvest so they can feed their families. Surely the harvesting methods must bother many Canadians just as people around the world are bothered by the idea. But, for so long as there is a market, and few other options exist for the fishermen, it seems destined to continue. I wonder if there are any alternatives that could be considered...?"
Instead we get this escalating "pot calling the kettle black" BS. It's amusing to a point but it hardly illustrates the potential of this group.