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Originally Posted by HREM3 View Post
Well that's also half my problem. You guys are basically talking about whats best on a track. My car gets 99.5% daily driven highway miles. I'm simply looking for a stanced look that has some sort of (even if its minimal) performance gain.

I will call bimmerworld and talk to them though, that's very good advice. Thank you!
One of the largest benefits of choosing a suspension like we offer for your application is that it offers extremely good comfort on the street AND you can turn the shocks up and adjust camber for those track days to carve up the track!
There are a few reasons that our products offer such a versitile package:
1) the special valving, 2) low (or no) pressure gas shocks, and 3) the optimum spring rates.

This gives you the ability to lower your car, get great ride comfort (yes better than stock) and improve performance substantially!