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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
I think the JRZ dampers are intriguing.

I really like the TC Kline smart design coilovers for my E46...once you get the rebound and compression settings set right, its a comfy ride and handles great! On full soft with 600/700lb springs, it was pretty bouncy. Not ricer honda bouncy but I hit my head against the headliner twice going over some bumps.

Those two options are something to consider. Or you can fall for the marketing and follow the crowd to KW.
Thank you for the kind words bigjae1976!

Certainly you do need to turn the dampers up when running higher spring rates in order to make sure they can control the spring...hope your head has recovered

JRZ makes very nice products for sure! They are very expensive. But...the fact is that our TC Kline Racing Double Adjustable dampers are just as fast and capable as the JRZ's...for a fraction of the price!

Why you ask....Good question! All of the JRZ, Moton and similar products are made in small production runs with specially machined parts namely the housings and canisters (for remote resivior versions). Our TC Kline/Koni parts use components that are made in much higher volumes and therefore are able to offer them at a lower price.

The fact is that our D/A dampers offer one of the highest value products available when comparing:
1) Overall performance (comfort and precision) the product gives
2) Reliability
2) Lifetime warranty offered to the original owner
3) Total cost of the product