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Originally Posted by swanson View Post
I feel you always exaggerate this. I feel you just like bmw's and porsches more. I've owned both a new M3 and a C6 Z06 at the same time. They ARE very different cars, no doubt. The M3 has better leather quality and overall a nicer interior, but the Z06 NEVER rattled a squeaked like my M3. The Z06 is light years ahead in performance. The M3 is a capable GT. I highly suggest the OP drive the Z06 for himself. I feel that once he does, he will be hooked. The performance and sound is intoxicating. BTW, I daily drove my Z06 for 5 yrs and it was a pleasure. Even averaged 26-28 mpg on the highway cruising at 75mph.
lol for you not to admit that the C6 has a crap interior proves you are either in denial or a fanboy...

The C6 has to have the worst interior you can buy for the money, especially in ZR1 form.
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