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Originally Posted by mspeasl View Post
As a "enthusiast" (you use that term loosely) you are not looking at the big picture of your life and retirement. That additional 16k difference from a Chevrolet in a 401 will make you several thousands by the time you retire in 20 years. With no SS waiting for you the prudent person would buy the Chevy.

BTW: look at my garage about choice of wheels. Also there is a 57 Bel Air and a 47 Chevy Sport Master Coupe in that same garage.
16K will turn into 'several thousands'......oh BOY!! I can afford the good cat food when I'm 80! Educate yourself about the failure of the 401k plan to provide adequate retirement savings.

I bet in addition to your SS, you draw money from a private pension plan and more than likely have retiree medical supplemental insurance from a prior employer. You old guys have it easy, both during your careers and in retirement.