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Originally Posted by cars4lyfe View Post
Uhm assuming your 335i doesn't go into limp mode and your brakes don't fade at the track, it's still a pig on runflats. You got a great daily driver and a nice all around car...but don't turn it into Shumacher's car either. Just my .02
I'll give credit where credit is due. You could make the argument that a porsche is more of a sports car and it is. You can also say that the brakes are more track oriented with the cross drilled rotors and 4 pistons brakes, and even more so with PCCB option.
However, I love my 335 and I do track it (road course). And with tasteful well thought mods it will give any of the porsches (except the GT3 and turbo) a good run for its money. By tasteful mods, I mean a piggyback system like TT or proceede, ATE brake fluid, higher weight engine oil, H&R rear sway bars, a slightly firmer suspension, lightweight wheels and non-RFT tires. And by the way, the stock brakes are pretty damn good (pads only last 1 to 2 track days back to back), but if you want to further reduce unsprung weight and improve caliper effiency get a BBK. And the best part is, I can load up my car with my track rims, brake bleeder kit, 2 ton aluminum jack, helmet, cooler, and drive home in comfort.