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Originally Posted by KenB View Post
How, other then shutting down sensors or giving the computer false information?

I honestly don't car what is faster in a straight line, and somebodys video on the internet really proves very little. If I wanted a one trick pony I could get a Blown Mustang, or I could get a C6 Vette or better yet a Z06 for some serious performance on the cheap (compared to others with similar numbers).

My issue with the Procede worship is that people come to forums for information, and for many seeing something in writing makes it true with or without anything to back up statements. Procede (and the others) does not make this car into something that it is not, and it may damage the car. As I have said on other threads, the "tuner" is a component of a complete kit that doesn't exist yet.

The "tuner" puts much more stress on the engine that it has not been designed for, I for one am not satisfied with the "testing" that has been done so far. I would feel better about increasing boost if there was also something done to manage the extra heat that is being produced, intercooler, turbine outlet pipes, high flow cat, high flow exhaust, egt sensor, maybe an egt sensor that would plug into the tuner to reduce boost if thing get to hot. It would be a much more expensive kit, but if you are getting engine warnings something is not right.

When people simply say "Procede" they are not telling the whole story to someone who doesn't know the risk involved with it. So people like me pipe up to offer a counter point. I would hate to see someone who is making payments on a 50,000 dollar car blow an engine...

Your totally clueless Not 1 car has gone down to date for the Procede or any tuner.I have almost as much if not more mileage then Shiv with no problems so quit making excuses.You already know the porsche will get walked on but the best card you can find is "oh the car will just go into limp haha" Ya well I'm sure the next Porsche owner that gets owened by one will wish that.I'm not saying the 335 is better then any porsche but the carrera/Cayman S although nice aren't exactly GT3's so it retarded to act like it's undefeatable just like M owners lol..