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Originally Posted by swanson View Post
Compared to here, thats nothing. Guys on this forum, and I'm talking about moderators to posters, are a VERY sensitive bunch when it comes to ANY criticism on BMW and more specifically, the M3. Its absurd. I got banned for 30 days because I was answering a question someone asked about missing the torque of his E55 AMG if he switched to the M3. I own both a C6 Z06 and an M3 and I was giving him my opinion since I have both a torquey car and an M3. You should've seen the fanbois response. And I'm the one who gets banned. A joke. The respect level is much higher amongst posters on the corvette forum then here. No question. Too many narrow minded fanbois on this forum that think only BMW/M/porsche is the best thing ever. If you dispute that, be prepared for fanboism.
Go over to Corvette Forum and start a thread about a Porsche or a GT-R and watch the SENSITIVITY come out. You are delusional if you think that place is open minded about anything other than the plastic fantastic mobile. I know it first hand. I've owned a few Vettes and got a temporary ban from there a couple of times.....and another thing don't dare post anything even remotely resembling a street race. Their panties get really wadded up.

Face it, go to ANY specific car forum and there are fanbois galore......EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.