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Originally Posted by 010101 View Post
Lets see... The Cayman S is a mid boxer engined car that weighs under 3k pounds, has a precise cable linked shifter, perfectly tuned suspension and steering, mono block multipiston brakes with cross drilled rotors and is probably the best handling car sold in the US aside from a Lotus or maybe a GT3.

The 335i is an overweight, runflat equipped soft suspensioned luxury car with single piston floating calipers. Again, maybe procede makes it faster in a straight line, but a mustang is fast in a straight line as well. The 335i is just never going to be the sports car the Cayman or 911 is. Just like the Cayman is never going to take four adults golfing in quiet comfort.
You sound like the Brochure, but last time I checked that Porsche had the same time on the ring as the 335i or ~1 second off so ya it's not that awesome.