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Thumbs down Traffic Violation 21460 (a)

Eff. I just got a CA moving violation 21460 (A) - crossing double yellow lines and I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for fighting this charge. Basically I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and I don't have anything substantial to go off. Does anyone have recommendations for fighting City traffic violation tickets? I've read that a "Trial by Declaration" is a good idea since it only provides the citing officer 30 days to write his statement. Most of the time they miss this window of opportunity and the case is thrown out. I had one idea however, and I'll attach a picture for reference for what I'm talking about. Basically I felt that the the centerline wasn't properly identified since it used reflectors instead of actual paint. What do you think? Can I make a case off of this? I happen to be a Civil Engineer and am familiar with the MUTCD which standardizes road markings / signage so hopefully I can find something that proves this as an obsolete method of marking a road centerline. I'll repost as more information becomes available.
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