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Originally Posted by highrevs View Post
I gave it a college try for a good four years. I really don't post unless I feel like I'm contributing something; someone asking about a situation (or mods, etc.) that I have experience with; or something that's just really nice to share (like objective information on the PSS tires). Almost every single time there are so many absurd, near retarded replies that I just gave up on it.

One example is the PSS tire review. Me and another guy posted A LOT of information about them. How they handle on the track, street, cold weather, rain, traction in specific gears, lateral g's, etc. So some poor b@stard goes and gets them for his base model vette and the rears are only available in sizes that are 10 mm thinner than stock; he posts how much he loves the tires, that he got them because of the good reviews, best mod he's ever done, and about 20 people come in and tell him that his car looks like krap because the tires are 5 mm too thin on one side. Mods had to lock the thread.

Another good one (maybe more close to home) was the M3 thread a couple months ago. You guys see that one? Think that one got locked too after about 4 pages of insults calling M3 drivers girly men and things of that nature.

I can see there are disagreements even in this thread but at least they're all respectable.

EDIT: we're talking about corvette forum guys

Compared to here, thats nothing. Guys on this forum, and I'm talking about moderators to posters, are a VERY sensitive bunch when it comes to ANY criticism on BMW and more specifically, the M3. Its absurd. I got banned for 30 days because I was answering a question someone asked about missing the torque of his E55 AMG if he switched to the M3. I own both a C6 Z06 and an M3 and I was giving him my opinion since I have both a torquey car and an M3. You should've seen the fanbois response. And I'm the one who gets banned. A joke. The respect level is much higher amongst posters on the corvette forum then here. No question. Too many narrow minded fanbois on this forum that think only BMW/M/porsche is the best thing ever. If you dispute that, be prepared for fanboism.