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Originally Posted by Denk View Post
Due to a certain illness, I like to check out exhausts. When I heard that this "Race" exhaust doesn't drone I just had to try it, especially for the price. I ordered it from Turner MS about a month ago, it took 3 wk's to receive and I've had 7 days with it on. My previous exhaust's are the MPE, AA Sig, and E. Race. Sorry, I don't have any sound clips but here are my impressions.

Fitment: No problems installing at all and lines up beautifully, not at all like the Borla I tried on my e46 which was a PITA!

Looks: It has a very clean design. The angle cut tips are 3.5", polished and rolled. Kinda reminds me of Remus tips.

Weight: ~21lbs lighter than stock.

Sound: I'm impressed, Borla did a great job tuning this exhaust! The ATAK doesn't drone, as advertised! I'm hyper sensitive to drone and am surprised that a "Race" exhaust can be drone free. There is no cabin resonance through the RPM range! Even the AA with their noise canceling chambers drones at low rpms. You can definitely hear the exhaust in the cabin but it's not in the form of drone. Idle sounds very muscular, it has a little of that gurgling American V8 sound. It's not really a loud exhaust until you get on it a little, as soon as there is some throttle input it really opens up and I mean in a big way! Treating the throttle with kid gloves is key for maintaining good relationships with neighbors. The tone is smooth and high pitched, similar to the AA, not as aggressive as the E. Race. I'd say the volume level is about on par with the E. Race, a little louder maybe especially at WOT, it can get loud! A little too much for me at times.

Bottom line: Due to the absense of drone, to me this is a much more livable exhaust than the AA Sig and E. Race. That said...the ATAK is ultimately just going to be too loud for me. Some days I'd prefer that but not all of the time. So, my MPE still reigns King with a nice overall balance. I can honestly say that the Borla ATAK is definitely worth checking out if you want an exhaust with Race db's that sounds and looks good but isn't plagued with annoying drone.

Sounds like you are going to sell it...I'm interested if you are.

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