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Originally Posted by k3silk View Post
"I Need a DUI/DWI Lawyer..." If you got caught and you didn't hurt anyone in the process good for you, now take it like a man you did the crime so face the penalty. That one thing I hate is for people to try and weasel there way out of something they did wrong. You knew it was wrong when you got in the car you just didn't think you would get caught.
You're clueless. An attorney more than likely WONT get you out of a DUI, but you NEVER.. let me repeat NNEEVVEERR want to go through the process or in front of a judge alone. Going to court and pleading guilty is throwing yourself under the bus and you are completely at the mercy of the prosecutor. Attorneys can negotiate with the prosecutors and make life much easier going through a DUI or any legal matter. Terms can be whittled down, aggravated offenses can be thrown out, rules can be slightly bent, additional charges the officer may have charged the victim with (speeding, no seat belt, no insuranc, etc) can be tossed.

You wouldnt go to Jiffy Lube to get your teeth cleaned, so why would you go to court without an attorney? This is a legal matter for Christ sake.

To OP, as others have said.. call many attorneys and get prices from each as well as judge their personality. Ideally you want an attorney who hasa close working relationship with the prosecutor and judge. If your attorney is well liked, you stand a much better chance of being given the minimum. I dont now your circumstances, but you more than likely cant avoid the DUI charge. Make sure the attorney pushes for you to keep your license until you finish the DUI classes. Once you finish the classes it should be the straight suspension and no other strings attached. Normally they take the license and you cant get them back until the classes are finished. This will make life much easier on you and your family/friends.

Good luck and make 100% sure it doesnt happen again. The second is MUCH worse, especially the 1 year suspension.