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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
Its more of a vendor thing than a KW thing. Vendors throw them on an E9X M3, drive around and rave about how much better it is. Versus what? In what particular application or use? What makes it better? Then they just regurgitate literature. Same goes for many other things that are branded as superior.

I can't speak for TC Kline because I already had my mind made up when I called them. I did talk to Bimmerworld and they actually explained to me why one setup was better than another. What the different features were, what fit my service demands, etc.

I would caution you before you decide on KWs to look at your other potentially better AND cheaper options. Just sayin' judgements against KW.
To be honest, I thought the same thing as yourself..... Then I got rid of my "better and cheaper option" and put on the KW V3 and can tell you, there is a HUGE difference.

I am not arguing but just letting everyone know there is a reason why so many people run the KW coilovers.

And regarding the TC Kline stuff; I personally haven't had any experience with them but they seem to be built a lot better than the Ground Control set up and appear to be on the same level as the KW Sleeve set up.

In the end, it's your money and you can spend it however you like. I made a $1000 mistake and learned from it, hopefully others will learn from my mistake, too.