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Originally Posted by Kiemyster View Post

2)In my opinion, weed that is indica based is the best. make sure the nuggets you buy are very dense, you dont want anything with stringy leaves (thats sativa, avoid those). make sure the leafs arent yellowed out anywhere, thats a sign of malnutrition or a diseased plant. anything with seeds must be refused, unless its Jamaican weed. but if you get a bag of weed with seeds in it, be prepared to crucify your dealer. General rule of thumb is if the ounce costs less than $400, dont even look at it, dont even consider it to smoke, it cant be that good. people have to understand you have to pay for quality. rap stars and reggae artists easily spend $600-$900 on an ounce without hesitation to get the best weed, so dont be a cheap pussy about it. make sure the stems snap when you bend them, that means it is cured and dried and is ready to smoke.
looool are you joking. never pay over 400 and oz. thats topshelfes here. thats 50 dollar eighths. if you ever come to cali you should hit me up. got my toro and my illadelph and cali dro. the most expensive oz here are around 450
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