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Originally Posted by ajvee View Post

My steering wheel vibration woes continue with my E92 M3. Car has 39K miles with fairly new tires.

I first took the car to the dealer, who said that 3 of my 4 wheels were bent. The front right and my rear wheels. I had the bends fixed and the vibrations continued.

I then had the wheels rebalanced and while it is slight, the vibrations persist! It is a slight rhythmic jiggle past 70 miles per hour. It worsens with bad road surfaces.

I am running stock 220Ms with 255s in the front and 275s in the rear. I am dropped on Eibach springs and have had an alignment. I have run in a couple of HPDE events but my tires are still in great shape.

I am trying to figure out what my next area for troubleshooting should be based on this thread:

However, it would be great if anyone with my symptoms could weigh in on what I should look at next.

Thank you.
Hello, I'm the OP of the thread in your post. Have a thorough read of another thread that I contributed to, especially the part about match mounting. Should eventually solve your problem.