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Originally Posted by redmtclimber View Post
the rs4 and the m3 are competitors because motor trend, car and driver, or some other magazine or tv show say so. in my opinion, it is like comparing apples to oranges. the rs4 is an all-wheel drive four door sedan, the m3 is a two door rwd coupe. i have driven an 06 rs4 and a previous model year m3, and they DO NOT drive alike. yeah they both have doors and engines and a little place for a person to sit and turn a wheel, but the rs4 is the third level model of the a4, the m3 is the second level model. is this maybe because the m3 just changed to a v8? i would think that the csl and the rs4 would be a better comparison if any...but let the flame wars continue.
I made this point a couple weeks back and it got shot down. RS models are Audi's top performance cars and CSLs are BMW's, so to compare the M3 to the RS4 just shows how much better the top level M cars are than the top level Audi's, because BMW's second-tier car is neck and neck with the RS4.