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Originally Posted by injustice View Post
Do you mean that it was hard to get it into second? Or do you mean the transition between the two gears was just rocky. I only ask because early in the morning after start up, my first to second is fine, but after its in gear, the car is a tad rocky for a few seconds. Maybe I'm just half asleep and not driving correctly at that point

I just bought an 08 at 12k miles, i don't belong in this thread, but I see a lot of minor issues are happening at low miles. I'm no longer under warranty.
i would say more that it was would go into second.i had read here on the forum that the 1-2 shift was sometimes rough,but asked to have it checked out to see if there was a problem,or if it was just "normal".i've been driving manual my whole life,and it didn't feel right,but it wasn't that bad.