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Originally Posted by robbiedawg View Post
my 08 has 37k miles,i got it 4/12

the 6mt transmission was replaced 5/12 after i called attention to a rough 1-2 shift.thankfully this was under warranty.the mechanic said this trans is quite tough,and thought someone before me must have missed a shift.

i have full records,and other than that,the car has been trouble-free.
Do you mean that it was hard to get it into second? Or do you mean the transition between the two gears was just rocky. I only ask because early in the morning after start up, my first to second is fine, but after its in gear, the car is a tad rocky for a few seconds. Maybe I'm just half asleep and not driving correctly at that point

I just bought an 08 at 12k miles, i don't belong in this thread, but I see a lot of minor issues are happening at low miles. I'm no longer under warranty.