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Originally Posted by duk View Post
ive been on super low carb, low sugar, super low fat, super high protein diet for 3-4 weeks with 3 days of P90x and 2 days of heavy weights. i eat about 4-6 eggs a day, 3-4 protein shakes, chicken or lean meats = about 200g protein a day.

i've gotten some results so far, lost about 1 inch on stomach and gained about 4 lbs of muscle. i want to do this for another 3 months to see how it goes.

my goal is to be lean and athletic, not to be bulky
if your carbs are that low, your fats need to be much, much higher based on what you posted as your meals. If you're eating 200g protein = 800 cals + fats/carbs in your egg and shakes = +\- another 200-300 calories. Deficit may be too big. Post your stats.