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Originally Posted by jaehshim View Post
we are talking two different cars here.
If I had the money to make a change from M3 to X5M, I would keep my M3 and probably buy an affordable, reliable 30~40K suv for the family and DD winter drives, I like the 4 Runner these days; very reliable and even more rugged than before.

If you don't see much fun+use of the E90 M3, then making a change to whole new SUV field makes sense.

Considering that the current X5 is pretty outdated (~6 yrs old), I wouldn't choose the current X5 lineup.
I disagree as an owner of the current bodystyle X5 and M3. The current X5 navi and body is current and looks better than about 85% of current 2013 SUVs on the market. Thats a fact and I wont argue this.

To be more correct the outdated X5 is the E53, not the E70. Once the 2014 or 2015 X5 comes out then you can call the CURRENT X5 outdated.

Now since I got that out of the way I can say its apples to oranges comparing the two. While I like comfort and interior of the X5 I must say I like the exterior of the M3 (modified, not stock). I have both because I have a weekend/nice weather car and snow/rain foul weather SUV.

I know as I get older the nicer X5M or X6M are looking great but so is a 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo. Its all about what you need and want.

But if its a stock X5M or stock M3 then I would go stock X5M, because the E92 and E90 M3 in stock form looks bad. This car needs a lot of work to get it to a decent looking status, at least for me.

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