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Then there is the mail order bride thing?

The other day I was at the grocery store buying of all things food! And I see this very attractive blond. So I mosy on over to see who she was up to and see if she was going commando under that very sexy mini skirt. While I'm standing 10ft away from her fake shopping for coffee I hear this voice say "Hi gorgeous find the coffee you liked?"
And I look over and there is this average guy and then I hear her accent.

First instinct was to think "You looser lack the skill and balls to find a real girl!"
But then you know what happened...I stopped myself and I got angry at him. I mean really angry at him! I mean for the rest of the day I was so pissed at him! He had cheated! The rest of us have to go to the gym have to eat right have to have the right car have to have all the right lines and then maybe if we are at the right place at the right time land a piece of ass as hot as what he was with! And there he went out and cheated and just bought one!

But my anger was nothing. That evening on face book I posted what I had seen and asked my lady friends for their thoughts! You think I had just shot a kitten on live TV! Wooh talk about angry! Like I had just walked up and kicked each one of them square in the junk!

Turns out as much as I was pissed off about the guy "cheating" the system and using a cheat code to hit it big. The ladies knew 100% that if more guys did this shit...they couldn’t do their shit.