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There's definitely some funny posts in this thread!

Move on and go find something else. I used to wonder about things too. You meet someone and it feels like everything is perfect. But then they disappear or blow you off later. Most of the time, what you think went well may not have been so good for them. Women (and some men) will be nice to someone in person but may feel or think differently inside. This is especially true for online dating as there is an expectation when you meet someone that you are looking for someone as "more than a friend". And unfortunately there are more guys in the online dating world than girls. Works great for girls, not so much the other way around.

I know time is probably hard to come by for you given work and everything but try to meet people in a more casual environment. Take the time out to go and make some friends, go volunteer at a homeless shelter or children's center. Join a weekend sports group. Sign up for a Contiki vacation trip. Of all the unlikely places, I've known people who have met up from car autocross events! Just put yourself in social places where there are a lot of people out to meet each other. Have fun, talk to others.