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Hey it's been a few days!
I bet you made more money right? NICE! High freaking five bro!

And what happened to her? I bet she ate a bit of fatty foods and her ass got a little bigger. And that pesky gravity thing just keeps yanking on her tits turning them from once perky to well let's face it, it looks like a worn out gym sock with some quarters in it!

OK god when I first got divorced I had to relearn all this and this is how dumb I was. I met this girl we decided to go out on a date...she stood me up. LIKE A DUMB ASS! I was all hurt and called her a day later asking what gives? Well she gave me some excuse that was more or less BS. So we decided to go out again...LIKE A DUMB ASS! And well the next time we just went out for coffee and like you we made plans for going out the week later.....and LIKE A DUMB ASS I believed her. Well like you the day of the next date she calls up and says she is seeing someone. And like you I was hurt.

Cut to today about 2.5 years later. I see her again on the street...boy does she look like shit! Turns out the guy she went out with instead of me didn't have a job didn't have a career and loved to cheat on her and treat her like crap. Boy apparently "barrowed" $20k from her and never gave it back...but she wanted to know how I was doing?

How was I doing? Well I don't really "date" anymore and the last girl I was with made me a full 3 course breakfast the other week and any times he comes over she brings over a very nice dinner in a picnic basket where she is the desert. And the night before another girl I'm seeing treated me to Circ Du Sole the night before....oh and since her and I went out I now make a solid $10k more and have my how am I doing?

Compared to her I'm doing great! And I'm sorry your once gorgeous curly blond hair now looks like a bad wig and your once very cute ass now looks three sizes bigger and there is muffin top but girl you are rocking sheet cake top.

So brother you tell me who won that war?

Rule #1 women do not have a facking clue what they want!
Rule #2 you get better with age and they age like cut flowers!