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Originally Posted by duk View Post
ive been on super low carb, low sugar, super low fat, super high protein diet for 3-4 weeks with 3 days of P90x and 2 days of heavy weights. i eat about 4-6 eggs a day, 3-4 protein shakes, chicken or lean meats = about 200g protein a day.

i've gotten some results so far, lost about 1 inch on stomach and gained about 4 lbs of muscle. i want to do this for another 3 months to see how it goes.

my goal is to be lean and athletic, not to be bulky

try upping your carbs a bit earlier in the day (morning to mid day before 2pm) to help you with some extra energy later on in the day. other than that, i think you have a pretty good layout for a lean/cut workout. How many calories are you at?