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LSB M3 Tuned by Benvo

Hello Guys,

This weekend many SoCal BMW enthusiasts were looking forward to the meet at McKenna BMW. So my friend and I decided to attend and meet some of our fellow enthusiasts. I had good intentions of not spending any more money on my car but as you all know "once a crackhead always a crackhead" applies to mods as well lol .

So I arrived at McKenna and I saw that Mike Benvo was setting up his table. I approached him and we started chatting it up a bit. One thing led to another lol and I ended up agreeing to purchase his tune.

I went to get some food and Benvo hooked up his computers to my car. He looked like a mad scientist trying to launch some nuclear missiles lol. After a few minutes Benvo finds me in the crowd and tells me that it is so damn hot that his computers are overheating and refusing to connect to my car. It was what seemed like 100+ outside. Needless to say I was kind of disappointed and I am not a patient person when it comes to mods. I love instant gratification.

So, Benvo and I hooked up on Sunday and he went to work. My main complaints with the car were, it was too jittery all the time especially when it was cold, and I wanted the cold start feature to be removed so I wouldn't get removed from my neighborhood lol. In addition, all the coding stuff was done as well to compliment the tune.

After I spent a couple of hours spent at Benvo's place the car was ready for the initial test drive. Now let me sum up my performance mods before I get to the review. I have the following:

--Fabspeed X-Pipe with HFC's
--Revinora rear section

So we go out for the drive and I let the car warm up. The car is already feeling great it's a lot smoother around the parking lot going over speed bumps and such in 1st gear. It doesn't buck anymore. So I am already happy. We get on a straight empty piece of road and I punch it. My initial reaction was "HOLY Sh$T" . This is the way the car should have come from factory and I don't know why it doesn't. The power is unbelievable now. I didn't think that it could be better than factory without going SC but wow anyone looking to do this mod, do yourself a favor and do it. I drove the car about 50 miles since then and the power is intoxicating. I have 305's in the rear and even with the EURO MDM activated the traction control kicks in on an aggressive 1-2 shift. It didn't do that before.

I would like to dyno the car again to see actual gains. Stock it dynoed 362 whp on a dyno jet.

In addition, this morning I had totally forgotten about the cold start mod he did and I was dreading starting my car. Once I started it the RPM's settled immediately below a thousand and the car was so quiet. I was ecstatic that my neighbors will not hate me anymore for starting up my car at 5:30 AM every morning lol.

To sum this up, if you're looking for a tune Benvo is the way to go and if you aren't looking to tune you should lol.