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Originally Posted by leo95se View Post
I'm intrigued by this option especially since you can keep edc but agree that it has to be a matched set of springs and shock in order to work well.
So one option is tck with 400/600 springs. Yes or is this in reality too form?
What are stock spring rates?

The easiest is cover plates, which I desperately need. My track tires shoulder too quickly. Where can I buy just cover plates? Can't seem to find em :/
OEM spring rates are 180f/550R - So the biggest jump is in the front, in our opinion, it's just right and not too firm.

Do you mean camber plates??

Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
If you compare companies, you know TC Kline does extensive testing with the actual cars. I have to question whether KW and GC does the same.
We ABSOLUTELY test all of our products, and almost all the products that we sell from other suppliers. If we didn't, it would be hard to give advice on car set-up, without experiencing it first hand.

Anyone can feel free to call, PM, or email if you ever have any questions about our products or car set-up...that's what we are here to do