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Sorry as this falls into the E9 series section however as I am after australian info I figured it would be the best place.

So I am looking at purchasing a E46 M3. However the asking price is 45k. It is a 2003 with 96xxx ks on the clock however it has a chip, air intake and an exhaust. Not sure on any of the brands or what not. Been through a car wash or two so will need to fix the duco up as well. That seems quite a bit high to me, would that guess be right?

Now for the real questions. What kind of prices would I be looking at for service 1 and service 2s? Also where is a good place to get a M3 serviced in canberra? Is the 100k service a major one? Managed to get a look at the last service record and had spark plugs and all oils and filters changed along with some other stuff. Cost about $1200. However it also mentioned that the brakes needed to be checked again after 5000ks. So could be looking at needing new brakes. Any suggest for a place to purchase some?

Apart from Vanos and rear subframe is there anything else that would need to be looked at?

Find a good Indi in Canberra to do your work, and order the parts from the US or UK (look at ECS Tuning, Pelican Parts etc).. will work our a lot cheaper than buying locally, whilst still using a garage that knows their way around an M3!
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